ECI Development

ECI Development

ECI Development builds world-class resort communities throughout the Americas including, Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, soon in Panama, Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

The most successful retirement community brand in North America began as a powerful vision. The developer wanted to provide real community to active senior adults, and wanted to let the retiree decide what part of the United States made the most sense for their retirement. This is the Sun City brand, which developed its communities along the coasts of Florida and California, the piedmonts of the east, and the deserts of Arizona. They knew how to build the services and amenities that everyone wanted and then offered clients the option to choose what type of climate and environment suited their needs and wants best. Their success has been unparalleled in the industry.

ECI Advanced the Vision Even FurtherECI Development

As profiled in Forbes’ Annual Retirement Guide, ECI Development is advancing this concept one step further by creating a menu of attractive lifestyle options to serve the millions of Baby Boomers now searching for retirement options in Latin America. An already large market, it continues growing quickly.

The recent world economic downturn and the loss of vast sums of wealth in retirement accounts is further pushing retirees to explore ways of lowering their cost of living without reducing their quality of life. In fact, living south-of-the-border can provide an enhanced quality of life for less, perhaps doubling one's spending power, as long as the developer meets certain standards. This is ECI’s market advantage.

Promoting a Higher Quality of Life

Headquartered in Belize, with administrative offices in Nicaragua, and property currently in Belize, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, ECI's mission is to create value through socially responsible development of real estate in the Americas, promoting a higher quality of living for its partners and communities.

In all things, ECI has set an unmistakable foundation of authentic humanitarian outreach to the communities it inhabits, committing significant resources and service through dialogue with local civic leadership. This coupled with our commitment to create real community for our costumers is the core value system that drives ECI’s success.

Mike Cobb, President of ECI Development, decided to leave a successful career to pursue more pioneering opportunities in the emerging real estate markets of Central America.


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