What is the Belize Advantage?

Belize is Unique

Belize, located just 2 hours from the U.S., is quickly becoming one of the most popular countries in the world for North Americans to live, vacation, invest, bank, and gain access to the most advanced asset protection programs.

The government of this English-speaking country is based upon English common law. In addition, the Belize (BZ) Dollar has been pegged at the rate of two BZ Dollars to One U.S. Dollar, but the U.S. Dollar is also widely accepted in Belize.

There are many more incredible benefits for choosing Belize:

  • Private and Secure Banking Jurisdiction - With the passing of the Offshore Banking Act (1996) and the Money Laundering Prevention Act (1996), Belize has moved to the forefront of highly secure and private international banking services. Belize is one of the most stable and growing banking systems in the world, requiring banks to have 24% liquidity compared to the U.S. requirement of only 5% liquidity.

  • Advanced Trust Legislation - Described by many experts as the country with the most advanced trust legislation in the world, Belize has become the jurisdiction of choice for domiciling asset protection trusts. The asset protection trust in Belize offers individuals economic diversification, avoidance of forced dispositions, tax planning, investment opportunities outside the U.S., liability protection, and preservation of family wealth that is unmatched in the world.

  • Easy Corporate Formations - An International Business Company (IBC) in Belize offers exemption from many taxes, has no currency restrictions, and requires no citizenship or residency requirements for directors, officers or shareholders.

  • Numerous Real Estate Opportunities - Outstanding real estate property opportunities for living, vacationing or investing are widely available and purchasing property is straightforward. Foreigners can obtain financing in U.S. dollars from local offshore banks. Property taxes are very affordable with outstanding opportunities on Ambergris Caye Island, the most popular island in the world.

  • Incredible Vacationing - Vacationing opportunities abound with sub-tropical climate all year round and convenient access from the United States. You will love world-class boating, snorkeling, diving and fishing with access to the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world and home to the Great Blue Hole. Belize is also home to the ancient Maya world with access to sacred temples and pyramids and almost countless excursions that are guaranteed to deliver one of your life's most memorable experiences.

Experience it Yourself

Nowhere else can you find this unique balance of living, investing, vacationing, banking and asset protection in one place. However don't take our word for it, come and experience it for yourself.

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